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Some industrial electrical contractors simply install basic wiring and lighting for warehouses and industrial buildings and say they perform industrial electrical contracting services.  At RMS Services we understand that a true industrial electrical contractor provides more than just simple wiring and lighting fixtures.  We go the extra mile including providing maintenance and support for the machines at the core of the manufacturing process.  We can integrate your machines and subsystems in your overall electrical system, to keep them working efficiently and cost effectively.  Whether you need industrial electrical contractors to repair your complex network of high end components or you have an undocumented system with open switches and fuses nearly a century old, our electrical service can repair, maintain and improve your system keeping it operational.  Here's a complex look at all our industrial electrical contracting services. 

Motor Control

• Variable Frequency Drives "VFD"
• Servo Drives
• Soft Starters
• Nema Rated Starters
• IEC Rated Starters
• Line Reactors
• Solid State Overloads
• Thermal Overloads



• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
• Programmable Logic Controllers
• Human Machine Interface "HMI"
• Motorized Valves
• Light Curtains and Safety Relay's
• Flow Meters
• Pressure Transmitters & Temperature Transmitters
• System Alarms


Power Distribution

• Service Equipment
• Breaker Panels
• Buss Duct
• Motor Control Centers
• Transformers
• Circuit Breakers and Shunt Trips
• Fusible Switches
• Power Monitoring


Wiring Methods

• Galvanized Rigid Conduit "GRC"
• Intermediate Metal Conduit "IMC"
• Rigid Aluminum Conduit "RAC"
• PVC Coated Rigid Conduit
• Electrical Metallic Conduit "EMT"
• Cable Tray with type TC Cable
• Classified Location Wiring
• Intrinsically Safe Wiring


Equipment Wiring

• Air Compressors
• Vacuum Pumps
• Mixers and Grinders
• Pumps
• Blowers
• Conveyors
• Folding Machines and Presses
• Corrugators



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